Comparison of the best anti-pollution masks, the best covid masks on the market

Comparative anti-pollution masks

Why use an anti-pollution mask?

Using a good anti-pollution mask has become a necessity for many people living in urban areas. Our cities are more and more polluted and it’s really not pleasant to breathe all the germs and bacteria that hang in the air.

I am thinking in particular of people who travel on 2 wheels such as motorcycles or even scooters or bicycles and who have their lungs directly exposed to the gas released from nearby exhausts. Running and jogging enthusiasts may also be very interested in an anti-pollution mask.

With air quality not improving, many of us are wondering what solutions exist to protect ourselves from pollution and are turning to pollution masks.

You may also need a dust mask to protect you when you’re doing work, or a mask to protect you from chemicals, such as when changing paints.

However, choosing an anti-pollution mask is not always easy, it is a fairly recent product and many new brands have been created around it. This site is here to help you make your choice and find the antipollution mask that best suits your needs.