Sport anti pollution mask - Protect yourself from viruses, Covid, pollution or pollen

Sport anti pollution mask

On the Premium Anti Pollution Mask blog, you will find all the information you need about anti-pollution masks, the models that offer the most comfort for sports use, among all the masks offered by the online websites!

Why use a protective mask for sports activities?

It is recommended for all outdoor sports activities (mountain biking, cycling, running, horse riding, motorcycling…), in environments particularly loaded with dust and other particles (pollens) that can cause respiratory allergies. Ideal for riding in the countryside for example, this mask is particularly suitable for people who have difficulty reconciling their sports practice and their sensitivity (allergies, hay fever, etc.).

Bicycle pollution mask: a solution for cyclists

Episodes of air pollution (or smog) are increasingly frequent in French cities. The air is then charged with exhaust gases: carbon dioxide, diesel microparticles and other toxic fine particles. The bicycle anti-pollution mask is a solution to protect yourself from these microparticles: you can continue to pedal every day without fear of suffering from respiratory problems. Whether it is against dust or pollen, for allergic people, or against pollution, Cyclable offers anti-pollution bicycle masks, especially from the Respro brand, as well as their maintenance kit and spare filters.

What is an anti-pollution mask made of?

Who has never dreamt of an anti-pollution mask when they find themselves in the exhaust pipe of a car?

The anti-pollution mask intervenes and filters the fine particles, most often with an activated carbon filter. Microscopic particles, easily inhalable because of their size. They are called PM10 because their diameter is less than or equal to 10 micrometers (i.e. 5 to 10 times smaller than the diameter of a hair). They can thus easily penetrate to our lungs. In case of information from the State about a future pollution peak, it is recommended to wear an approved anti-pollution face mask. The anti-pollution mask will allow you to avoid the city’s pollution while you, for your part, take care to use an ecological mode of transportation such as a folding bicycle or a fixie.

How to choose your anti-pollution mask?

Alternating traffic hardly works in practice and the Crit’Air sticker has just been created. Cyclists who ride daily in the city, especially in a velotaf situation, are often worried about their health. To choose an effective anti-pollution mask, it is necessary to make sure that the protection will be perfectly adjusted to the cyclist’s face. Each brand therefore offers different sizes or models of anti-pollution mask (man or woman, adult or child), in order to adapt to all physiognomies. The cyclist will still have the choice to adopt a discreet or designer anti-pollution mask, according to his or her tastes and desires. At Cyclable, we offer in particular the Respro brand, one of the leaders in the manufacture of anti-pollution masks.

What are the tips for cycling in case of air pollution?

Whether you wear an anti-pollution mask or not, you should avoid very congested roads, so as not to get stuck in an uninterrupted stream of cars. Likewise, hyper-ventilation must be avoided, and therefore reduce speed, especially when climbing. Electrically assisted bicycles reduce the effort and thus limit the absorption of harmful particles. One thing is sure, whether it’s for the velotaf or the bike in sport mode, the anti-pollution mask is interesting when you ride through a built-up area. All you have to do is choose yours on Cyclable!