Motorcycle anti-pollution mask: how to be well equipped?

By Sonia78 , on January 21, 2021 , updated on January 7, 2022 - 20 minutes to read

In which case should I wear an anti-pollution mask?

Motorcyclists and cyclists ride in the middle of cars and are therefore in direct contact with exhaust gases and fine particles. These elements represent a health hazard. The anti-pollution motorcycle mask is an effective means of protection for the most exposed users.


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Why wear an anti-pollution mask?

Exposure to fine particles and pollution is an important risk factor in cardio-respiratory diseases. A motorcyclist does not have the possibility of being protected by a passenger compartment to limit the intake of elements present in the ambient air. In addition, with the widespread use of electric scooters, urban users are closer to the exhaust pipes. Wearing a filtering mask helps protect the upper and lower airways, for better breathing on a daily basis and long-term health. Today’s technology also offers great comfort. The most advanced models allow moisture and heat to be evacuated while remaining effective. This is the case with nanoparticle filters.

In what other situations should a filter mask be used?

There are several types of masks, which are distinguished by their more or less effective filtration. Some, such as the r-pur pollution mask, have capacities higher than the FFP3 standard. This standard is more restrictive than the FFP2 masks, used in hospitals against covid 19. They are therefore suitable for use as a barrier mask against bacteria and coronaviruses, protecting not only others, but also the wearer, unlike surgical masks. They are also a good way to fight against pollen allergies by preventing all dust from reaching the nose and throat.


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How to choose your mask?

As a motorcyclist, you are inevitably exposed to pollution. It is therefore necessary to look for a motorcycle anti-pollution mask adapted to the filtration of this type of toxic waste. You must then observe the specific characteristics, according to your needs and the situation in which it will be worn. For example, for outings in the countryside, a pollen barrier will prevent a motorcycle or scooter user from having to stop because of irritation. An electric scooter enthusiast will have to switch from one mode of transportation to another or travel in a pedestrian zone. Protection against covid 19 will therefore be a major asset in these times. Aesthetics are also important when riding a motorcycle in the city. Finally, made in France, as with the r-pur brand, will appeal to scooter riders who want to consume locally.

Anti-pollution mask Motorcycle

The anti-pollution mask is an effective solution against invisible airborne elements such as pollution particles, toxic gases, dust and coronaviruses. It is certain that in the near future it will become an indispensable part of urban drivers’ equipment.

What is the most effective emission mask for riding a motorcycle?
Which mask against fine particles?

You should choose the R-PUR Nano mask which has been specially designed for motorcycling. Indeed, this mask is anti-fog, it is thermo-controlled and it is made to fit your motorcycle helmet.

How to wash mask with Valve?

At the end of the article, find our advice to wash an anti-pollution mask that has a valve >>> Click here.

Masks with valves must be washed with more precautions than a classic anti-pollution mask, anti covid.