Protect yourself from urban pollution when cycling – Anti-pollution mask for cyclists

By Sonia78 , on February 5, 2021 , updated on January 7, 2022 - 24 minutes to read

Cycling is very beneficial. Both physically and mentally, there are significant benefits. However, it is necessary to protect yourself from picking up germs while doing this beneficial activity.



Cycling: a risky decision?

In all countries of the world, the benefits of cycling for the body do not go unnoticed. It is therefore easy to understand why in some countries the vast majority of citizens choose this means of travel. First of all, cycling is an effective way to work the muscles of the lower body. These muscles become stronger, promoting a significant increase in muscle mass.


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In addition to this aspect, cycling, like any sports activity, promotes the secretion of the happiness hormone. A feeling of intense happiness is thus obtained, which effectively fights against worries and stress.
However, even if cycling has advantages, it is not without disadvantages. Indeed, unlike cars that have protective bodywork, cycling exposes the cyclist to environmental pollutants. Bacteria can easily be picked up unknowingly and subsequently become ill.


An effective solution to counter urban bicycle pollution: a breathing mask for sports against pollution

How can I protect myself from pollution on my bike?

Humans cannot be forbidden to ride a bicycle even though this habit often exposes their health. For that, a solution of size is proposed. It is the anti-pollution mask for cyclists. This mask is in fact a device made of electrostatic fibers whose mission is to reduce the risk of pollution on a bicycle as much as possible. It covers the whole lower part of the cyclist’s face, allowing him to ride without fear.

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Thus, the microbes can no longer easily come into contact with the internal organism of the cyclist because they usually take in through the nostrils or mouth. Bad smells that may emanate from the environment are also bypassed. The cyclist will therefore be able to ride in good health, without fear of being contaminated. It is nevertheless important to specify that the effectiveness of the anti-pollution mask depends on the material used in its manufacture.

Who wants to be my pollution mask partner?

Where can Thy find anti-pollution masks?

You can buy an anti-pollution mask for cyclists at the R-PUR online store: it is a breathing mask for sports against pollution.

This company is French and the masks are manufactured on our territory. Orders are shipped the same day if you buy your anti-pollution mask before 10am!

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What is the most effective anti-pollution mask?

The R PUR mask and without question the most effective anti-pollution mask for cyclists. It is much more effective than an ffp2 cycling mask. Its filtering system is better than an ffp3 anti-pollution mask.

How to wash an anti-pollution mask?

In this article we explain how to wash your mask well and how not to damage it so as not to reduce its effectiveness.