Stylish Anti Covid masks

Stylish Anti Covid masks – Urban fashion

By Sonia78 , on February 2, 2021 , updated on January 7, 2022 - 23 minutes to read

How to keep the style with an anti corona virus mask or an anti pollution mask?

The R-PUR mask: your best ally to be stylish and trendy in complete safety.

With an accessory as eye-catching as the anti-covid mask, such as the surgical mask or ffp2, it’s hard to go unnoticed or even stand out in the good sense of the word, wearing protection that’s classy, modern, stylish and up to standard.
The R-PUR brand offers you an approved covid goggle alternative for urban and fashionable design.

Why choose an R-PUR anti-pollution mask?

The R-PUR brand has been offering high-end anti-pollution masks since 2015, and has the added advantage of designing them and having them manufactured in France based on a research and development program carried out in partnership with engineers from the Institut National des Arts et des Métiers (National Institute of Arts and Crafts).

R-PUR is first and foremost the search for excellence in order to offer masks that meet the standards made from the best materials available on the market in order to guarantee the protection of consumer health. There are many risks present in the air: R-PUR makes it a point of honor to develop masks that protect users from pollen, pollution, bacteria and viruses.

What mask models does R-PUR offer?

If you’re tired of those blinding blue surgical masks, if classic fabric masks don’t satisfy you and don’t allow you to safely express your style, then you’ve come to the right place.


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R-PUR is the guarantee of being fashionable by being protected from airborne threats, including coronavirus transmission.
The R-PUR brand offers you masks with an urban, stylish and sleek design, allowing you to be both modern and classy but also protected.

Be in the moove of streetwear – Stand out by wearing a lifestyle mask

The R-PUR brand’s website presents the Nano One Anchor mask and its charming print highlighting small anchors, or the Nano One Ghost mask that will make you look like a real badass with its design similar to the jaws of a skeleton.

You will also have the choice between the Nano Light Camo mask with its fabulous camouflage print, or the more futuristic and avant-garde Nano Light Galaxy mask.
The R-PUR brand also offers with the purchase a cleaning spray but also a replacement filter or a washing bag. With all this, you can be sure to get a good return on your mask by keeping it for several years.

Does the R-PUR mask comply with European and US standards?

Afnor standards, European standards… these words are on everyone’s lips, especially those of journalists and members of the government, and this since the beginning of the pandemic. What exactly do they mean?
The Afnor standards are developed by the French Agency for Standardization and are standards to be respected, sometimes legally, whether tangible or intangible assets.

European standards are standards to be respected by all countries of the European Union. Particularly in the area of health, compliance with these standards is extremely difficult to achieve.
The R-PUR anti-pollution mask is the most efficient and effective mask in the world.
Ten times higher than the highest European standard, the ffp3 standard, the R-PUR Nano mask is approved to cope with any bacteria or virus.


View price R-PUR FiiT® Black


With five layers of filtration, this mask will be the only one able to protect you against ultra-fine particles or nanoparticles.