Why buy an anti-pollution mask to ride a motorcycle?

By Sonia78 , on January 20, 2021 , updated on January 7, 2022 - 22 minutes to read

Wearing a mask when riding a motorcycle has always been recommended, but it is even more so with coronavirus. So, if you are a two-wheeler, it’s not too late if you start now. Moreover, the vastness of the models of masks available in the trade allows you a wide choice. By the way, why is it important to wear a mask when you ride your motorcycle? We answer your question in this article.

Anti-pollution mask for motorcycling: what is it?

We don’t often think about it, but the air we breathe while riding your motorcycle is not without pollutants. On the contrary, it is full of them. Thus, the anti-pollution mask for motorcycles is a mask specifically designed to filter the ambient air. In this way, the motorcyclist can be sure not to breathe toxic gases as well as fine particles that can be harmful to his or her health. In other words, it is a mask designed to protect the two-wheeler from air pollution.


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Unlike the disposable masks worn in the covid-19 era, this mask is made to last over time. However, the filter supplied must be replaced at regular intervals. In fact, more innovative models of masks are equipped with the latest technology to maximize the user experience. Some are even synchronized with smartphones for an even richer experience.

Good reasons to wear such masks

If you’re a savvy biker, you’re very lucky to have had the experience of an sore throat. There are even times when you find yourself with a runny nose and mouth after a ride on two wheels. All this is the result of these fine particles that we rarely pay attention to.

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However, these fine particles can be carcinogenic and cause even greater damage to the body, especially to the nasal passages. This is why it is more prudent to limit their penetration into the body as much as possible.