Why run with an anti-pollution mask?

By Sonia78 , on January 23, 2021 , updated on January 7, 2022 - 12 minutes to read

There are many physical activities, but running is one of the most popular among sports enthusiasts. Some run in gyms, while others prefer the great outdoors on the streets or in parks. However, in areas that are overcrowded, the environment is often contaminated by the presence of cars driving around at all hours and crowds of people lurking around. It is important to know that this situation does not offer very good sanitary hygiene. To run in these areas, it is advisable to have an effective means of protection.

Running involves deep breathing

When you run, you automatically feel the acceleration of your rising breath. At this stage, the nose will not be able to suck in the amount of air the lung needs, and you usually resort to using your mouth. It manages to concentrate much more air than the nose, which greatly helps runners to regulate their breathing rhythm during long runs.

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However, according to the rules of natural functioning of the human body, the nose is the real organ for supplying oxygen to the respiratory system. The presence of hairs in each nostril retains the majority of dust and certain volatile compounds. In fact, they act as a kind of filter that reduces the level of pollutants entering the lungs. On the other hand, with the mouth this purification process will not take place, which exposes the lung and the entire respiratory system to enormous risks of infection.

Wear an anti-pollution mask as protection

Technically, a person who jogs breathes more air than a person who is walking slowly or driving a car. However, when running, the more you breathe in with your mouth, the more pollutants you inhale. According to this theory, even though sport is recognized as a practice that serves to maintain and strengthen the health of the human body, it increases the risk of breathing in contaminated air. This is why many health professionals suggest the use of a pollution mask when running.

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Thanks to its composition of several layers of special filter fabrics, the anti-pollution mask is highly qualified to retain dust and fine particles harmful to health. In addition, the presence of valves on some models ensures comfort during the race.

What is the most effective anti-pollution mask?

The most effective anti-pollution mask is without a doubt the R-Pur mask, thanks to technologies more developed than the competition, which allows filtration 10x more efficient than the highest European standard FFP3.

Which mask against fine particles?

Thanks to its Nano Filtration technology in 2 successive layers, the R-PUR mask will allow to filter particles up to 50 nanometers or 0.05 PMM.


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How to wash an anti-pollution mask?

How to wash a high quality anti-pollution mask?

Contrary to a classic anti-pollution mask, or a covid 19 basic anti-pollution mask, it is necessary to take more precautions. It is necessary to carry out a more delicate washing and to carry out a washing at 30°c using a washing bag.

Drum drying is to be banned, as well as ironing, unlike a virus corona mask. It will be necessary to be satisfied to suspend your anti-pollution mask.

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